Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 1st birthday Max...I'm just a few months late!!!

 Let me just say this...Max did not disappoint on his birthday.  He was so fun while opening gifts and the pictures of him enjoying his little cake paint the perfect picture!  It was so fun to watch him enjoying every little thing. So grateful for this little guy and the joy he brings to our home!

 He loved every minute of opening gifts! I LOVE HIM!!!
 The Olympics were going on so we had our own version of the games... balloon toss, 3 legged races and all sorts of fun!!!

 Jay and Mitchell were probably my favorite.  They were so funny trying to get in sync and wanting to dominate "the games"

 You can see in the above picture that Vikki and Wayne were the winners of the 3 legged race!
 Paxton was an active participant in our games!!!
 I will let these cake pictures speak for themselves...he was delightful!!!

 He's sharing...

Happy day Mr. Max.  Words can not describe how much joy you continually bring to our home!  You are loved!

Lake Tahoe

Sorensen family reunion 2012.  I turned 40!  Had family pictures.  I love playing in the water, I always have! Max was great traveling and sleeping in a new place!  He wasn't shy around everyone either!  I lived in California for nearly 10 years and I NEVER WENT TO TAHOE...WHAT?!?  It was amazing and I can't wait to go back. Those are the random thoughts running through my head...
Jay loves little Max so much.  It is so endearing.  I'm listening to a Hilary Weeks CD right now, so I'm pretty emotional.  I made a pledge to myself that I was going to be better about blogging and sadly I have fallen short.  Whenever I sit down to blog I get emotional. (weird I know)  Britt was filling out college applications at the same time I was trying to get Max to take a nap...that's our new normal around here and for a mom it's a roller coaster!  OKAY...BACK TO TAHOE
This was the view from our balcony...I tried to watch it every night.  So beautiful.  Quite literally breathtaking.
On our way home we drove in parts of Cali that we never had seen before.  What an amazing state!

Max is so curious.  He loves each one of his siblings.  He loves being with each one of them.  I know I sound like a broken record but it's the best part of having him...I love watching him with the kids.  Everything about it is awesome.  Watching Britt and Jay be so nurturing and aware of the influence they have on him.  It's fun to watch them enjoying watching Max learn and helping him learn.  Nothing compares to their pure joy in watching Max.  Ally was the youngest for a long time and she really is Max's play mate.  For Britt and Jay Max is something they play with but for Ally it's different they play together.  Max yearns for both and it's so sweet.

I TURNED 40 IN JULY... I don't feel 40 (whatever that's supposed to feel like)  My sweet sister got me 40 yummy gourmet cupcakes.  I would've liked a bite of each!!

Jay playing with Max in the Lake...what 15 year old boy does that?  He did take his turn out on the Lake playing with the uncles.  Below Britt and Jay are rowing away from the uncles who were out to dump them!  I'm pretty sure the uncles won!!!

I love family pictures!  I also love my brother Ben!  Max clung to it!

Okay, I said that I love family pictures...let me rephrase by saying I love taking the photos not being in them. For posterity I did pose for a few pictures!!!
My cute parents!  Love and respect them so much!
My big brother Andy...he's always been the perfect example of a big brother.  Such a protector and good friend.  He's got the heart of an angel!
My cute boys!  Looking at these pictures brings me joy!  I adore these guys!!!

WHAATT!!!! Melt my heart...not even posed.  Jay was pointing out things to his little brother!  I captured a perfect moment!